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29 Jan 2010

Cadillac Sky on the bluegrass radio - simply amazing. Not heard of them of before I don't think. Sadly I note that their web page suggests that they have gone "from a critically-acclaimed Bluegrass band to a band without boundaries". That sort of thing is so often the kiss of death, but they may of course have become even better.

In the States and Canada, there is a fantastic Bluegrass station on digital radio (called XM Radio or Sirius, depending which version you subscribe to). Also a great folk station once notch up the dial. The only downside side is that cost - I have three of these radios and pay about $350 a year to listen to them. (Also a 1940s station which is terrific, an awful 1950s station - though I just hate that music - also 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s stations too). Would be sweet if we exported that to the UK.