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28 Feb 2010

Anyone come across any code that takes a time and turns it into "5 o'clock" or "half past seven"? Clearly I could write it but I am too lazy. Haven't hit on a search that brings up anything yet though. (someone posted a link to nice bit of code in the comments but also included spam so I deleted it - if anyone wants the address for the code I can pass it on)

CPAN (yuk)

<p>T<strong><a name="item_time::human_-_simon_cozens"></a>ime::Human in CPAN </strong></p><p>(can&#39;t find a nice python equivalent yet) <br /></p>

George Michaelson

Fuzzy time

This is not what you ask but it could be adapted and it is friendlier than just the digital time - - &quot;posted in the wee hours&quot; or &quot;early evening&quot;.