Bifurcated Rivets
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27 Apr 2010


<p>...only took a quick look, but I think that there were at least two covers that copied the cover art from Jeff Wayne&#39;s War of the Worlds album and another one that copied George Pal&#39;s 1953 film adaptation.</p><p>I once heard a story that the people who worked on the BBC TV drama Tripods back in the 70&#39;s (80&#39;s?) were having a terrible time working out how to make a three-legged creature walk without it just turning around or falling down all the time. Then one of them remembered the George Pal film and they decided to see how the film crew had achieved it. They were very disappointed to discover that they must have had the same problem, so just cheated and made the Martian machines hover and fly instead. <br /></p><p> </p>