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Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 00:35:01 -0500

Enterprise software vendor BlackBerry is jumping into the autonomous vehicle marketplace with a new cyber-security application called Jarvis that aims to tighten security around the complex computing code that controls driver-less vehicles.

BlackBerry Jarvis, which the company says is a "cloud-based, static binary code scanning" application, can be used by automakers to quickly and deeply scan and evaluate the voluminous and critical software code used in autonomous vehicles, cutting such scanning from 30 days down to about seven minutes, according to BlackBerry. [...]

"Jarvis is a game-changer for OEMs because for the first time they have a complete, consistent, and near real-time view into the security posture of a vehicle's entire code base along with the insights and deep learning needed to predict and fix vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and remain a step ahead of bad actors."

Jarvis can be used to evaluate the hundreds of software applications that are used in autonomous vehicles, according to BlackBerry. [...]

In the future, Jarvis could also be used to help secure critical applications in other industries, including healthcare, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, according to BlackBerry.

IT analysts said Jarvis is intriguing and could be a valuable tool for autonomous vehicle makers. http://www.eweek.com/security/blackberry-jarvis-scans-for-security-flaws-in-autonomous-car-software

It's magic, no question about that... and maybe it's recursive, can scan itself for flaws. GG

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