Town and Townscape

Thomas Sharp: Biographical Essay

John Pendlebury

This short introduction to the life of Thomas Sharp is based upon a variety of sources. In addition to various materials from the collection, two texts in particular have been important:

Sharp, T. (c. 1973). Chronicles of Failure. GB 186 THS. Newcastle upon Tyne: 296.

This is Sharp's autobiography, as yet unpublished, a copy of which resides in the collection. As the title would suggest his career was ultimately characterised by disappointment and lack of fulfilment. He seems to have been inspired to write this account by the work undertaken by Kathy Stansfield for her thesis on Sharp. A shortened version of this later appeared as a book chapter, viz:

Stansfield, K. (1981). Thomas Sharp 1901-1978. in: Pioneers in British Planning. G. Cherry. London, The Architectural Press: pp.150-176.

Until the current project, this chapter was the only readily-available source which dealt with Sharp, his life and work and remains an excellent summary. It is based upon Stansfield's earlier MPhil thesis :

Stansfield, K. (1974). The Poetry of Planning: A Study of the Life and Work of Dr. Thomas Sharp and his Contribution to the Planning Movement, Manchester.