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9 Mar 2005

I just added two more pictures to my "See Me gallery" - one of me as a very small baby and another of me with my father on the island of Jura where we look refugees or something.

You resemble your father quite a lot with a light growth of beard,<br /> judging by the Jura photo. Quite a hooter you have, too. Apart from<br /> these observations, it seems you are far too normal &amp; healthy<br /> looking to be posting to the internets so frequently, as the rest of us<br /> are all fat, zitty, ugly lardasses who live in basements.


And you're a Marshall. It may frighten you to learn that it is possible we may be distantly related.<br/> <br/> It seems I was in error about your hooter, apologies.


Just a question..because thisll annoy me. The black and white photo of<br /> you and your dad....whats that blue thing on his left shoe?

Mr Dan

The blue thing is probably something that was lying on the scanner when he scanned the photograph. I think I look more like my mother than my father, though as I get older I am do get more like my father. I shall add some photos of previous generations of my family some of which are rather splendid.


What is your dad wearing in his "holster", was it work related, and what can you tell us about Jura?

John Weeks

At the time my father was what would now be called a mature student in the botany department at Edinburgh. There as an expedition to Jura and the whole family went. At that time Jura was extremely isolated : no roads, no electricity etc. I was pretty young and only have very vague recollections of it : sailing in leaky rubber dinghies round the coast, tattie howking, stuff like that. As to what he has in his holster I have no idea at all - I shall ask him. Or if he reads this comment thread he might even answer himself.


Where are these photo's?

Clikc on the "See Me" button at the righthand side or at the top if you are running IE


The thing in the holster is a knife that he used to cut seaweed (he's a phycologist). It was in fact a special search and rescue knife (presumably ex-WD) that was for use in rubber dinghies as it had a rounded end so would not puncture things. It's probably in the attic somewhere.....