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10 Mar 2005

self Writing blog

Great stuff! Somebody ;) has added Jerry Garcia and Lowell George!<br/> cheers<br/> G.

Gary Grainger

I noticed Geddy Lee in there, as well.<br/> It seems to me the monotony is going to be its downfall.<br/> How long can one go on, basically, reading the same<br/> post day after day?<br/> But, then again, look at its' sources of knowledge.<br/> Rush Limbaugh? Now that's funny.<br/> Ann Coulter? If I had never heard of her, (or is it him? well, that's another subject) the Bush administration would still be the only people that cause my stomach to literally turn.<br/> As for the Rock critic feature, it's worse than a bad joke.<br/> I wonder how much they paid to be first on the list in a Google search for rock critics?<br/> <img src="<a href=""><br/> <br/> <br/>">"><br/> <br/> <br/></a>


Now, what the hell is that? It was just a simple image.<br/> Geeez!<br/> [img]<a href="[/img]<br/> <br/> If">[/img]<br/> <br/> If</a> this doesn't work, forget HTML!




Well, the self-writing blog has improved muchly since it first appeared<br /> a few months ago. Now it almost makes sense. And 100% more coherent<br /> than George W. Bush.


<P><A href=";amp;htv=12&amp;htv=12"><a href=";amp;htv=12&amp;htv=12</A></P><br /> <P> </P><br /> <P> </P><br /> <P>that">;amp;htv=12&amp;htv=12</A></P><br /> <P> </P><br /> <P> </P><br /> <P>that</a> is anne coulter</P>

arlis morovia

that link wouldn't play for me, and i'm not going to let it set a cookie, if that's the reason why it wouldn't.<br/> I know who Ann Coulter is. It's her gender that's<br/> debatable. btw, she has a huge adam's apple!!