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14 Mar 2005

Chy asks for a link on how to make a worm bin. Link not needed - acquirte an ordinary dustbin, punch some drainage holes around the bottomn. Put about 6" of gravel in thebottom and a couple of pieces of wood on top (these are to tell you when to stop digging when emptying). Now get your worms (fishing shop) and put them in = the bin with some approprriate material that they can feed on. Don't let it get too cold or too hot.

<font size="4"><span style="color: rgb(255, 85, 255); font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">Thanks matey!</span></font>



But, why worms? Do you fish that much?

John Weeks

you need to be a compost nazi to appreciate the value of worms. worms make poo. worm poo is gods gift to soil.



To John W...Worm poop is great for gardens. Lindsay didn't mention it, but it is possible to poison your worms by dumping the wrong garbage in the bin...make sure you read up on it before you start. I was actually surprised that an under the counter version was featured because sometimes that worm bin stinks.