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24 Mar 2005

A write-off I would assume. I was down at the car breakers last weekend trying to get a rear parcel shelf for my car (didn't have one), and there were a lot of very mangled and burnt out cars which was quite creepy I found.

I've spent many an hour at a huge breakers yard near Scotswood road. Some of the cars did still have personal effects left inside them which gave the whole experience a certain macabre feel.<br/> <br/> Still, the lock release on my boot works properly now. Every cloud, eh?

Chris McKeown

Almost certainly the same car breakers - Norman Marshall's (no relation)


There is something terrible about the proliferation of accident damaged car pictures available on the internet, just look at to see people enjoying the sight of peoples pride and joy smashed up.<br /> <br /> The other aspect of course is - was that person ok? Did they die? That car has almost certainly been rolled and whilst the cockpit cell is relatively ok, what about the forces the people inside were subjected to?<br /> <br /> As for the Parcel Shelf, Marshalls was your best bet (thats the one down at the back of Newburn/Lemington?), there are a few more around here but not many have that sort thing left.

Bob Bob