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25 Mar 2005

I have been sent the "finger in the bowl of Wendy's Chilli" story by several people and it is popping up all over the place. I wonder what it is that has caught people's eye about this one - this kind of thing happens quite regularly meat packing not being a well regulated industry, particularly in the USA.

Chili Con Carne Humano

I find the story riveting for the following reasons:<br/> -Grossness factor<br/> -Cannibalism a bite away<br/> -Fast food mystery meat in general<br/> -Forensic follow up on the identity of former finger owner<br/> <br/> You can see what I cooked up about the story over at <a href="">Barbarian Blog </a><br/> <br/> P.S I love what you done with the comments.