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25 Mar 2005

Good piece on Schiavo case

Well, they finally let her pass away. Imagine being artificially kept alive for 15 years. Its the stuff of zombie flicks, not quality of life. This dials up a lot of stuff. Here we have Mr Mel (freshly self-elevated to deity level authority) screeching about her death being "a killing". BS. When my Dad's time came, he collapsed in a diabetic coma - and the doctors pulled the tube after 3 weeks. He was not in a 'vegetative state' as this woman was - but also took a few days to starve to death. Nobody had CNN, Fox News and every rabid idiot panhandling their opinion and 2c in the news. I think Terri's parents are w-a-y out of line. Maybe the meddling politicians will preserve THEM on life support until 2300AD so they can see what fun that is...