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{% extends '@content/page.twig' %}

{% import '@util/formmacro.twig' as f %}

{% block header %}
    <section class="col-md-12 mt-5">
        <h1>Go Offline</h1>
{% endblock header %}

{% block main %}
    <section class="row">
        <article class="ml-auto col-md-10 mr-auto">
            {% include '@util/message.twig' %}
            {% if adminonly %}
                <h2>Admin Only in force</h2>
                    Use 'Remove Adminonly' if you want to go fully offline and not revert to adminonly status when you delete admin/offline.
            {% endif %}
                       If you go fully offline you will have to delete the file admin/offline by hand to be able to get back online!
                       If you want to stage the process go adminonly before you go fully offline, then when you delete admin/offline
                       you will still be excluding ordinary users.

            {{f.startform({method: 'post'})}}
                {{f.textarea({name: 'msg', ph: 'The message to be displayed to users'})}}
                {{f.checkbox({names: ['onlyadmin'], labels: ['Allow admin'], values: [1], check: [adminonly]})}}
                {% if adminonly %}
                    {{f.checkbox({names: ['deladonly'], labels: ['Remove Adminonly'], values: [1]})}}
                    {{f.checkbox({names: ['online'], labels: ['Go online'], values: [1]})}}
                {% endif %}
                <p class="mt-4">
                    {{f.submit({value: 'Set'})}}
{% endblock main %}

{% block pagefooter %}
{% endblock pagefooter %}