The Framework Code


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{% set ajax = TRUE %}
{% set fwutils = TRUE %}
{% set parsley = TRUE %}
{% set editable = TRUE %}

{% extends '@content/page.twig' %}

{% import '@content/iconmacro.twig' as i %}
{% import '@util/formmacro.twig' as f %}

{% set types = ['text', 'textarea', 'email', 'password', 'checkbox',
    'radio', 'select', 'file', 'range', 'number', 'button', 'submit',
    'label', 'fieldset', 'endfset', 'recaptcha'] %}

{% block setup %}
    function mkinline(type, name, msg, id, value)
        return '{{f.inline(f.wrap('type'), f.wrap('name'), f.wrap('msg'), f.wrap('id'), f.wrap('value'))}}'

    function paramset(params)
    { =
        params.bean = '{{constant('Config\\Framework::FORMFIELD')}}'
        params.op = 'bean'
        return params
    let kname = [
        {% for v in types %}
            {value: '{{v}}', text: '{{v}}'}{{loop.last ? '' : ','}}
        {% endfor %}
    const clicks = [
        ['delb', framework.dodelbean, ''],
        ['more', framework.addmore, ''],
        ['chkb', framework.dotoggle, 'checked'],
        ['reqb', framework.dotoggle, 'required'],
        ['rdob', framework.dotoggle, 'readonly'],
        ['disb', framework.dotoggle, 'disabled'],
{% endblock setup %}

{% block onload %}
        ajaxOptions: { type: '{{constant('Config\\Config::PUTORPATCH')}}' },
        params: paramset,
        source: kname,
        onblur: 'cancel',
        url: framework.editcall

    $('#ptab').on('click', function(e){
        const x = $(;
        for (let cl of clicks)
            let [cls, fn, par] = cl;
            if (x.hasClass(cls))
                fn(e, x, '{{constant('Config\\Framework::FORMFIELD')}}', par);
    $('#example .typesel').on('change', function(e){
        const val = $(this).val();
        $('#example .flagsel input[name="fldchecked"]').prop('checked', false).prop('disabled', !(val == 'checkbox' || val == 'radio'))
        $('#example .flagsel input[name="fldmultiple"]').prop('checked', false).prop('disabled', val != 'select')
{% endblock onload %}

{% block header %}
    <section class="col-md-12 mt-5">
        <h1>Edit Form "{{}}" <a href="{{base}}/admin/view/form/{{}}">{{i.view('viewb')}}</a></h1>
{% endblock header %}

{% block main %}
    <section class="row">
        <article class="col-md-12">
            {% include '@util/message.twig' %}
            <form id="addform" action="#" method="post">
                {{f.hidden({name: 'bean', value:})}}
                    <legend>Form details</legend>
                        {{f.text({label: 'Form Name', ph: 'Form Name - alphanumeric characters only', name: 'name', required: 1, value:, parsley: {trigger: 'change', type: 'alphanum'} })}}
                        {{f.text({label: 'Form Action', ph: 'Form Action URL', name: 'action', value: bean.action, parsley: {trigger: 'change', type: 'url'} })}}
                        {{f.text({label: 'Form ID', ph: 'Form ID', name: 'idval', value: bean.idval, parsley: {trigger: 'change', type: 'alphanum'} })}}
                        {{f.text({label: 'Form Class', ph: 'Form Class', name: 'class', value: bean.class})}}
                        {{{group: TRUE, name: 'method', values:[1, 2, 0], labels: ['GET', 'POST', 'PARTIAL'], check: [bean.method == 1, bean.method == 2, bean.method == 0]})}}
                        {{f.checkbox({group: TRUE, names: ['multipart'], values:[1], check: [bean.multipart], labels: ['Multipart Encoded']})}}
                    <legend>Field details</legend>
                    <table id="ptab" class="table">
                                <th colspan="5">Attributes</th>
                                <th>Disabled</th> #}
                            {% for fld in bean.fields %}
                                <tr data-id="{{fld.getID}}" class="border-top border-dark">
                                    <td rowspan="3">
                                        <p>{{f.inline('select', 'type', 'Select Type', fld.getID, fld.type)}}{{f.hidden({name: 'fldid[]', value: fld.getID})}}</p>
                                        <p>{{f.inline('text', 'seqn', 'Enter seqn no.', fld.getID, fld.seqn)}}</td>
                                    <td>{{f.inline('text', 'label', 'Enter label', fld.getID, fld.label)}}</td>
                                    <td>{{f.inline('text', 'name', 'Enter name', fld.getID,}}</td>
                                    <td>{{f.inline('text', 'idval', 'Enter id', fld.getID, fld.idval)}}</td>
                                    <td>{{f.inline('text', 'class', 'Enter class', fld.getID, fld.class)}}</td>
                                    <td>{{f.inline('text', 'value', 'Enter value', fld.getID, fld.value)}}</td>
                                    <td rowspan="3">{{i.delete('delb')}}</td>
                                    <td colspan="2">{{f.inline('text', 'placeholder', 'Enter placeholder', fld.getID, fld.placeholder)}}</td>
                                    <td colspan="3">{{f.inline('text', 'other', 'Enter other attributes', fld.getID, fld.other)}}</td>
                                    {% for fn,fv in flags %}
                                        <td>{{f.htick(fld.flags b-and fv.2, 'chkb', fn~'[]', fld.type != 'checkbox' and fld.type != 'radio', fv.0)}}</td>
                                    {% endfor %}
                            {% endfor %}
                            <tr id="example">
                                <td colspan="7">
                                            <tr data-id="new" class="border-top border-dark">
                                                <td rowspan="3">
                                                        <select class="typesel" name="type[]">
                                                            <option value="">&mdash; Type &mdash;</option>
                                                            {% for v in types %}
                                                                <option value="{{v}}">{{v}}</option>
                                                            {% endfor %}
                                                        <input type="text" name="fldseqn[]" placeholder="seqn. no." class="form-control col-md-8"/>
                                                <td><input type="text" name="fldlabel[]" placeholder="label" class="form-control"/>{{f.hidden({name: 'new[]', value: 0})}}</td>
                                                <td><input type="text" name="fldname[]" placeholder="name" class="form-control"/></td>
                                                <td><input type="text" name="fldidval[]" placeholder="id" class="form-control"/></td>
                                                <td><input type="text" name="fldclass[]" placeholder="class" class="form-control"/></td>
                                                <td><input type="text" name="fldvalue[]" placeholder="value" class="form-control"/></td>
                                                <td rowspan="3">&nbsp</td>
                                                <td colspan="2"><input type="text" name="fldplaceholder[]" placeholder="placeholder" class="form-control"/></td>
                                                <td colspan="3"><input type="text" name="fldother[]" placeholder="Other attributes" class="form-control"/></td>
                                            <tr class="flagsel">
                                                {% for fn, fv in flags %}
                                                        {{f.checkbox({labels:[fv.0], names: ['fld'~fn~'[]'], disabled: [fv.1], values: [fv.2]})}}
                                                {% endfor %}
                            <tr id="mrow">
                                <td colspan="10">&nbsp;</td>
                                <td colspan="2"><button class="more btn btn-xs btn-info pull-right">Add More</button></td>
                <button class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" type="submit">Save</button>
{% endblock main %}

{% block pagefooter %}
{% endblock pagefooter %}