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6 Jul 2005

Good to see the EU kicked out software patents again, though they will return in another form as the undead always do. Bad to see that London got the Olympics : we'll be paying for it in taxes for the next 100 years and it will benefit nobody except the construction industry. It's a curse and we should have let the French have it.

Nah, I think it was good to see the Frenchies lose. Take that, Chirac, you twat.<br> <br> You'll be alright. :)


Nah! can't agree with you on the 'lympics. I think it's great on several fronts. Not least that we beat the French to it (wouldn't have minded losing to any of the others!) but also I really believe it will bring some benefits to Sheffield by dint of the sports facilities here.

Olly Aitch

*Hollow laugh* Just you wait. You'll soon be complaining about it, and if you think anyone north of watford will benefit even slightly then you are much mistaken.


I'm with Lindsay on this one, London is going to be transformed with new "Olympian" lanes and a lot of the tube stations closed down to allow easier passenger access. It's been proved that London can't cope with traffic so goodness knows how it'll will cope with Olympic tourists &amp; competitors.<br> The project with be massively overbudget and have so many troubles it'll be laughable.<br> No-one but no-one in the North of the country will benefit in the slightest (I hear Newcastle will get the Football semi finals?) - we'll just be used and abused and spat out again.<br> It'll be Olympics this, Olympics that for ages on the run-up &amp; the organisation will prove to be a shambles. The Police force will be used as security, but they can't provide decent service in the Met apparently so will draft in extras from elsewhere leaving us up here without our fair-share...<br> <br> Diabolically stupid to put the bid in in the first place and you have to wonder how much silver crossed the palms to get it.

Bob Bob

maybe you can get the designer of the millineum bridge to design the viewing stand the big-wigs and world leaders will stand on! I'd pay money to see that!

John Weeks

I'd just like to remind everyone that Juan 'I accept bribes if they are worth getting out of bed for' Antonio Samaranch already declared Sydney the best games *ever* so no matter which of Paris (dogshit-on-the-soles-of-my-shoe capital of the world) or London (dogshit-on-the-insides-of-my-nostrils) wins this time round, you're both losers!<br> <br> -George