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20 Jul 2005

The platonic solid of quietude will be hovering over this place for a couple of weeks, so play nicely while I am gone.


No, you have to stay. Sorry, but you have to stay. Stay! Good boy!

John Weeks

<P>Two out of two readers cannot be wrong. It is settled. You must stay.</P>


Sitting would also be nice. We do not, however, expect any of that rolling over nonsense. <br> Unless you've just vacuumed, then it would be all right.


Maybe if we don't play nicely he'll be forced to come back?


Hmm, he didn't announce a "cone of silence" this time :(<br> <br> I feel cheated!

Bob Bob

<P>You haven't been cheated. He's just giving you a choice: in a way it's a much better offering. I find I quite like the undecahedron.</P> <P><A href=""></A></P> <P>This cone is for those who want to be strangely intimate with their boss:</P> <P><A href=""><a href="</A></P> <P>"></A></P> <P></a> </P> <P>GG</P>

Gav Gav

Get Smart link FYI

The requested URL /getsmart/innovations.html&lt;/A&gt;&lt;/P&gt;&lt;P&gt;<br> was not found on this server.<br> <br> Gav Gav, <br> properties for your link reads: <br> <a href="<br> %3E%3C/P%3E%3CP%3E<br> <br> If"><br> %3E%3C/P%3E%3CP%3E<br> <br> If</a> you copy, then paste into browser it works fine.

so...we're just going to run a truly Bifurcated Bifurcated Rivets on our own right in the comment section? I feel alone.<br> <br> scared.<br> <br> I will use this to keep me warm.<br> <a href="<br> <br> <br> hold"><br> <br> <br> hold</a> me someone, please. <br> <br>


I think there was a definitional debate about the Get Smart shape last time, so Lindsay's has been made more generic.<br> <br> Gav Gav, I thought you write "unDEADecahedron" and was expecting some sort of coffin-shaped thingie (not, of course, to be confused with non-engineer "thingies" as previously discussed at The Register).

Chris Kuan

Chris, <br> Not to make a big deal about the whole "thingie," but, <br> I think you wrote, "I thought you write......"<br> <br> btw, one of the dots in the above quote is period.<br> Not going to say which one.


jeez, I neglected to put the word "a" in my previous comment. How.....neglectful of me.


Was there a sneaky period in <span style="font-weight: bold;">that</span>, too? ;-)

Chris Kuan

chaos has ensued

He has only been gone 5 days and chaos has already taken root. People using elongated elipses.....people arguing about unconventional grammar, spelling and punctution, attacks on the cone of silence. I fear that this situation will soon degrade as it did in Lord of the Flies and we will be forced to hold a conch shell to signify that it is our turn to speak (aka leaving a message). Ultimately this little society will crumble into violence and potentially death. I hope He returns soon.


while the cat's away

while the cats away i'm going to advertise my new site....<br> like a normal bifurcated post but deliciously forbidden fruit<br> <a href="<br> it's"><br> it's</a> only an experiment so far - read the destructions<br> <br> i like the anarchy of the new regime --- RAAA!<br> <br> laurenk




Y'know, as in "sis boom ba?"

john Weeks

whoa! You're good, Chris.<br> I even tried placing it in a different spot.<br> You still recognised it!


<span style="font-family: times new roman,times,serif;"><font size="4">I'd put money, if I had any, on ra as in "w00t!"<br> </font></span><span style="font-style: italic;"><br> <br> </span>


Any of you snore? Betcha do...

<P>I liked this:</P> <P><A href=""><a href="</A></P> <P>Gav"></A></P> <P>Gav</a> </P>

Gavin Atkin

<P>Well the site put me to sleep if that's what you were looking to do...</P> <P><A href="<a href="">If">">If</a> anyone is interested in some nice photography...</A></P> <P> </P>


Did anyone else notice that Tim capitalized "He" when referring to Lindsay? As if....


<P>two clicks good - one click bad</P> <P>RaaAa the revolution cometh</P>




Seems like the major platonic solid aournd here is actually a pyramid...

Chris Kuan

alright, enough is enough! Too much time off make jack a dull boy.

john Weeks


john Weeks

make all boy dull. ugh!