Bifurcated Rivets
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25 Nov 2005


Looks like a business that will mill a part for you from a design you send them. I would have to think that while it may have some applications where it would be beneficial, I don't see how they can keep costs down not to make it prohibitive to use.<br> <br>


There are a few places doing this. is one of the most obvious. One of the things people keep talking about is open source hardware e.g. custom phone cases etc.


damn. I thought I could invent this. oh well, maybe one day I can at least afford to use it. I want to send them a dXF of an origami lock-together box to put small objects into my dishwasher, so they don't float away. hope its affordable (and the plastic can take dishwasher heat!)


Big Blue Saw

Thanks for the link! Just to clear things up a bit: we don't do milling (yet); all our parts are waterjet cut. As for the costs: try it and get a quote. One way we reduce costs is by having everything automated so that we don't have to spend a lot of time creating quotes for customers who don't want to order.

Simon Arthur