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28 Nov 2005

Daughter is playing Daniel Marc Cohen's Walking in Memphis : what a fantastic song that is. Particularly like the choir in the background going "waaaaw king in mem fiss" in a sort of half-tempo, gospelly way.

I assume you mean Marc Cohn.


Walking to Memphis

One of the all time best songs!


When I think of Memphis, I think of Elvis and Paul Simon's "Graceland." Interesting place, Graceland. Worth the (De-Luxe) tour price, but you have to be pious so as not to offend the True Believers.


Ah, you don't the know the song then 'cos it's about Elvis too in part.


Over here, Michael Bolton pretty much ruined the song for many of us (assuming it's the same song we're talking about).


But did you fix the water leak yet? Sad folk like me need to know these things.

Frustrated Plumber