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21 Dec 2005

Akihabara Crossfield - seems to be a convention centre.

More of a "technology park", really...

Chris Kuan

the current akihabera is brilliant and doesn't need improving. I hope this plan fails. If they shut down my favourite corridor of valves and wire bits and knobs I will be very sad.<br><br>taiwan has a mini market which is fun, but not as much fun. bankok has panthip plaza but its mainly pirate videos (execept upstairs) and the golden street in HK is a shadow of its former self.<br><br>-G



Akihabara has actually been dying for several years now, large department stores have replaced some, but not all, of the parts dealers. The recently opened Yodobashi Camera has brought huge crowds back to the area, 200,000 people per day visit that store alone. Crossfields, and the nearby conference center is an attempt to re-focus high-tech in the area, the new train link to a research part is another example. APAN will be held in Akihabara in a month, you should join us George. --Ole


In order to save Akiha, it was neccessary to destroy it. -Its just going to be another ikebukero, boring. -the multi-story IT shopping experience doesn't relate in any way to ferretting around in the back of a 50-stall corridor.<br><br>I can't make APAN, but surely I'll be seeing you in APRICOT Perth Ole?