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12 Sep 2009


<p>Top 250 Movies? Including dross such as The Boring Ultimatum (a.k.a. Godawful book turned into even worse film with wooden dressmaker&#39;s dummy in the lead role), Die Hard (which I could only forgive on the basis that it was at least better than any of its sequels) and some of Disney&#39;s most dreadful animations (Finding Nemo - harmless fun, but not really a &quot;Top Movie&quot; surely? And The Lion King? Ack! Puh-leeze!!)</p><p>Or is the map based on box-office/video/DVD gross takings? I suppose I might at least accept that as being some kind of objective criterion. However, I suspect not, since many of the other films on there do appear to be ones with considerable artistic, literary or cinematic merit and (where I have seen them) would have earned their places in any Top 250 list if you ask me. Which makes the presence of the occasional lemon, howler or other piece of celluloid sheep-poop even more puzzling???</p><p>Oh well, maybe the compiler of the map just had the occasional off moment when trying to come up with further films to make up the numbers...</p>


It does seem to be lacking.<br />