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30 Oct 2009

Why not a game called Folk Band - you could have all kidns if interesting controllers : an Irish chanter where you got more points for cranning and things like that.

<p>The problem with a Folk Band is that no-one would win. There would be much nodding of heads, stroking of beads and discussion not of dropped notes exactly but how the performance as a whole went, whether the feeling behind the music was heartfelt, anecdotes about previously seen artists and how the current music scene has changed so much... It would be a &#39;feel good&#39; bag of shared experiences where everyone learns from each other. No such thing as a missed chord, just a new interpretation which should be explored. </p><p> :) <br /></p>


You clearly haven;t been to some of the Irish sessions I&#39;ve been to...... :-)<br />