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12 Jan 2010

I am entirely mystified by all the stuff about NBC and shows on the net. Who is this Conan guy anyway? I watched a clip that someone posted and there was this guy reading from a prompter jokes that he had not seen before (he kept laughing, though god knows they weren't funny) in front of a crowd of what I take to be werewolves from all the howling that was going on. Leno is the one with the chin isn't he? Craig Ferguson used to be a rather poor stand up in the UK going by the name Bing Hitler. Weird.

Conan O&#39;Brian...used to be the Head Writer for Saturday Night Live. Those shows aren&#39;t made for eastponders y&#39;know? We don&#39;t <em>get &#39;</em>Bobble and Weeb&#39;- so there. We&#39;re even.


<p>I agree there is too much to do about O&#39;Brian. <br />The only real thing he has going for him, is that gay Norseman look.<br /></p><p>However with Ms MacKenzie and Ms Woodburn meandering their way through the colonies, one can only wonder how long the U.K. can hold out before the demand for their services will obligate them to return home. </p>