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15 Jan 2010

Why can't I get a control unit for my central heating that I can talk to over wifi? Not a room thermostat, the actual programming unit.

And stop paying the mechanic?


No, I am the mechanic! Andsetting the timer is a real pain - we don't have thermostats in the rooms, just a timer on the boiler and thermostatic valves on the radiators.


Wifi heat controller


<p>I don&#39;t think that would work with the system I have. I really don&#39;t need thermostat - I just need a programmer at the moment which switches things on and off at set times.I have a simple combi system that heats radiators. There are no zones and no separate hot water system (that&#39;s instant on). There might be something clever I could do eventually with radio controlled valves on the radiators but that would be insanely expensive - at the moment I just want to be able to control the programming of my switch more easily.</p>