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11 May 2010

Is it just me being old and out of touch, but does the idea of sites like Blippy and Swipely where you share with your "friends" what you buy and where just seem really stupid? I am really not interested in what people spend their money on.

Says the man who "recommends" ASDA Reggae Reggae Vegetable Pasties and, I presume, just bought Byline 3.0 for his Apple iPhone. How's that Pleo workin' out for ya?<br /> <br /> ;-)


Different : the fact that I bought these things didn&#39;t just magically appear when I swiped my credit card. I mention them because I think they are worth knowing about - I buy loads of stuff I never mention at all. Byline 3 was free and it has some rather poor design choices (IMHO) in the new interface.


I know, and agreed. Just joshin' ya, as the kids used to say. :-)


Yo chillax, dude!